What?! There is no Swiss-Mandarin-speaking Childcare in the centre of Zurich?

After a few years far far away from Switzerland our two children were born in Singapore. They soon joined a childcare centre and enjoyed it very much. Since almost all childcare centres in Singapore are bilingual, i.e. Mandarin and English, they soon started to use their first words in Mandarin at home and challenged us with their songs and homework in Mandarin. 
In 2018, after ten years in Asia, we decided to return to Switzerland. To our great surprise, we could not find any Mandarin-speaking childcare in Zurich! We were asking ourselves, whether we should simply enrol them in a Swiss-German childcare centre? Or one of the new English-German childcare centres? But since I knew from my own Mandarin studies that it is a hard language to learn, especially when it comes to the tones, I felt that we must find a way in which the children can get direct exposure to Mandarin. As a consequence, we decided to establish a group of friends and supporters of the vision to launch the first bilingual Mandarin childcare in Zurich. Everybody encouraged us and we are very thankful for that. Slowly people added added one puzzle piece after the other and the vision has become a joint mission. With this website and your help we aim at finding 30 children and three corporate partners by March 2019 so that we realise the idea.

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Highlights we enjoyed in our childcare centre in Singapore and Highlights we will bring to Switzerland.

Bilingual childcare
Play and Grow



What did we experience in Singapore? 



The goal of childcare in Singapore is mostly to provide children with a space for playing, learning, and resting.


In Singapore, our two children learned to listen, speak, and read in both English and Mandarin concurrently through conversations and instructions in both languages right from day one.


At our childcare centre the offered many side activities such as Swimming classes and modules to play with robots.