Our events and planned programmes

Our education programmes are planned to offer an age-specific curriculum. Our child development professionals will meet the needs of children at every age and stage. In the early months it will all be about observing and encouraging them, and after about one and a half year, a more structural approach will gradually be introduced. 
We also understand the needs of working parents and offer the much-needed flexibility for today's professionals of executive positions and sudden requirements in your office. This includes backup care, early morning and evening programmes. 
We are also passionate to expand our scope in future by adding optional enrichment programs like robot play, music lessons, dance class, the young gymnast, cultural astronauts or excursions.

Regular monthly events have started since March2019

We have formed a core group of parents and teachers and am conducting monthly events while trying to form a stable group of children for a biweekly programme in Zurich, tentatively on Tuesday and Thursday. The next event will be 27th of April 2019 in Zurich.

September 2019: The first class (2-4.5 years) will start in September.

We have rented a room in Zurich. In September 2019, four native-speaking Mandarin specialists will take up part-time employment and start with the first class of children from 18 months onwards. The days are Monday and Wednesday (half day).

Our learning programmes will prepare children for Kindergarten. We will focus on developing their independent skills such as looking after their belongings, their ability to self-regulate their emotions, express themselves confident manner and improve on their cooperative skills to work well with others. Together with the teachers, they will explore in their classes nature, such as animals, plants, weather, and the environment. All in Mandarin. By playing they will learn to express their emotions such as joy, pleasure, pain, frustration, anger and build up their vocabulary. The teachers and our a rich literacy and numeracy environment contribute to the development of their creativity, social, negotiation, and problem-solving competencies. And by offering various plays the children practice their motor skills and control in addition to practice writing and recognising their names and counting in Mandarin . Through regular walks and playing in nearby parks as well as excursions, we are discovering the environment. In summary, the curriculum addresses a holistic development, life skills competencies and a learning journey in Communication, Language and Literacy, early numeracy, creative expressions, environmental and community awareness, technology, personal and social development, physical skills and well-being. For further information about prices and times please visit the page “registration”.

October 2019: Mandarin class for children in 1st kindergarten

With sufficient advance registrations we will set up a class for children who are in the 1st kindergarten. The planned start is Wednesday afternoon in October 2019. Approx. 14.00-17.00. Possibly also on Saturday. If you are interested, please write to info@learningpanda.ch for a non-binding pre-registration and further information.

2020: Babies and Toddler Care Programme (from 6 months onwards)

With sufficient pre-registrations we will build classes. What will be important in the babies and toddler’s care programme?
Your child will always feel loved, cherished and receive a significant amount of time and special care from our teachers. The infant program is holistic and emphasises the development of infants’ emerging physical, perceptual, sensory-motor, cognitive, language, culture and social-emotional skills. Our teachers follow the best practices from Switzerland and Singapore. Our professionals follow the daily routine activities, such as feeding and diapering and are flexible to cater to the individual needs of each child. A special emphasis is given to a stimulative learning environment through which much of the infants’ learning takes place. Infant attachment to two familiar caregivers who are sensitive and responsive forms the basis for developing trust, emotional security and well-being. In each class, there is a Swiss-German, and Chinese speaking caregiver and both only speak in their language with your child. At Learning Panda playing is central to the daily routine of the infant program. Through playing infants observe and learn about the world, promotes essential skills in cognition, language, physical, social and emotional learning. 

If you are interested, please write to info@learningpanda.ch for a non-binding pre-registration and further information.