An international team with experience

Founders and Management

The founders have experienced high-quality child care in Singapore and are passionate to bring their accumulated experience to Switzerland. They will therefore be active in the management. Dr. Remo Burkhard has a proven track record as CEO in SME and 200 people sized centres and will act as CEO and establish industry standard management process and a quality management.

Mrs Sari Burkhard has a degree as international lawyer always dreamt of opening a children book store with innovative learning curricula for children. She will be actively involved in the management and enrichment classes. Both will deliver the framework for best learning experience for the children at the highest convenience to the parents.

Some articles in the press:

Mandarin Teachers

We have found our dream team. Our four female native Mandarin teachers cannot wait to take care of your children. They have started conducting events and will start teaching our first class in September 2019. They grew up in China and Taiwan and traveled the world. Some lived in Switzerland for many years and one just got married to a Swiss and just moved to Switzerland, eager to start and full of passion for teaching. Together they have a rich body of experience in early child care, ranging from caring for individual children in Switzerland up to teaching in child care centres with 20-40 children and one even worked once in a centre with 200 children. Three of them have early child care degree holders and most of them are mothers of own children. Together, they have been involved in modern child care centres in Singapore, China, Switzerland, Indonesia, United States. Therefore they bring in a unique mix of experience and best practices.

Swiss-German Teachers

In 2020 we will test a bilingual Swiss German-Mandarin class.

English Teachers

In 2020 we will test a bilingual English-Mandarin class.

Advisory Board

We have an active advisory boards who brings in expertise and insights to constantly improve our service level and the quality of offerings. The advisory board currently includes professionals, academics and centre managers from Switzerland and Singapore.